Monday, April 22, 2013

Shopping at Broadbents!

Shopping at Broadbent's Store, in Lehi!   This store is over a hundred years old.   It was started by my Great Grandfather.   I worked here as a 14yr old girl.   Becky and Jayne always love to stop in Lehi, at the store.   This day Jayne found a special children's book to read to Becky.

Easter 2013

Easter Dinner.  Such a nice day.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

     It is harvest time for many of the fields golden with ripe grain.   They have huge harvesters one after the other gathering in the grain.  Love being here in this wonderful part of Russia.  
     We concluded our day with a feast fit for many kings---We had a salad made from their own garden items, stuffed peppers that they are growing, mushrooms with zucciny,  cauliflower steamed and then fried, and fish that Dad caught.   This all happened after a wonderful bowl of borscht.   We then had a tasty fruit salad that had many exotic things in it and a piece of apple cake.  We ate so much we could barely leave the table.   Nice to have good memories of wonderful people and such great food.
     This is down by the Muysskee Bay.   We are having a great time being out in the country and especially to be with the President and his family.
     I a standing by a Mulberry tree eating the berries that are just to good!   They are dark and small and very sweet and tasty.   What a treat!
     More pictures by the water---the Muysskee Bay.   It is pretty there and full of good fish to eat.   President Nechiporov, Dad and Sister Nechiporova.   Nice day!